As of 1/02/2016 we have started the process of selling out all stock ,its still business as normal tuesday – sat
for a few months during this process and then we will likely switch to opening just a few days a week maybe thurs – sat.


This should allow plenty of time for ppl to pickup on any sale bargains , pickup storage , laybys etc and ofcourse for us to finish outstanding repairs and all outstanding orders etc
obviously we are not taking any further or new gunsmithing work , consignments or storage during this time.

everything on sale
(note our prices are still at last years – this means an additional savings of 15 – 20% on top of our sale reductions from current trade prices)

Please note there are one off items at marked down prices – and individual guns at clearance prices in the shop.
You just need to drop on thru and discover these savings , theres just not enough time to add them all to the web.


Just marked a bunch of rifles down for clearance.
some very significant savings amongst them.
2nd hand centerfire rifles and .22 , 22wmr , 17hmr.
as well as some very cheap 22wmr new rifle packages.
they should start appearing in the specials listing over the next few days , and of course come in and see whats on the shelves in the meantime.

25perad copy






At this point most of our shelf stock is at last years prices and allready a great deal
click thru to the web shop to see guns in store and ask when in store ,

as things progress there may be slight discount offered on some goods to clear
some stock items and i will list them here.

new and used firearms online for sale

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see whats actually here NOW
our stock is carried in the shop and can be viewed within our normal trading hours monday –>friday.
We do not advertise goods for people that are not in store. items marked ==NEW== on website are just that and marked as such for your conveniance.
Items apearing under new rifle prices are not carried in store and are order in only , please contact for further info.
We endevour to keep our site reasonably up to date (although its a very large task) and provide these items and services for all Australian shooters.

We have one of the widest selections of 2nd hand firearms online for purchase inside Australia , specialising not on the cheapest thing you can buy ,
but the best quality you can by for your money.
We also specialise in tactical rifle setups and building custom rifles for sports shooters and long distance varminters and target shooters alike.
No matter if you just want to make you rifle look good with a muzzle break , tactical bolt knob , picatinny base and rings or if your looking to build
something from scratch – chances are we can help.

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