We ask you to be patient as this site is under constant change
We do try to keep it as up to date as possible as things come and go from the shop, some things may be a week or two behind, please be aware laybys do not get removed from the website until the final purchase or payment goes through , due to any mishaps canceled purchases etc
So if your interested in something please call us or send an E-mail to sales@thegunsmiths.com.au
Phone on (02) 9743-7328 or Fax us on (02) 9743-7345.
Each product has a unique shop code, please have this handy for any enquiries.
Shop hours are Monday - Friday 9am-5pm and we stay open till 8pm on thursday nights.

To get started shopping online right away click the navigation menus in the top left hand side of the screen, you can continue to navigate this way or through the icons in the sub categories.
The search bar is also useful to find a particular item or brand and NEW PRODUCTS can point you to the latest new arrivals into the shop.

Please also note that due to Australia's Complex firearms laws you can not purchase a firearm directly from the internet.
All firearm sales must be transported to a dealer near you, be it in or out of state and you then need the appropriate licences and pta forms etc to pickup from them.
Any questions regarding this, please ask and also check with your local dealer for administration fees etc.


Enjoy your Stay.

Graham Smith